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 If you have an IRS tax problem you don't want to fight the fight alone.

IRS Fresh Start Innitiative Program

This program was introduced to help struggling taxpayers settle tax debt more affordably.

This program has been referred to by many names such as:

  • IRS Tax Relief

  • Tax Settlements

  • Tax Debt Forgiveness

  • Tax Negotiations

Offer in Compromise  
- What can I expect? 
- Do I qualify ?
- Will it work for me? 

These are all good questions and you need answers!

Professional Tax has been helping people just like you solve their tax problems through an Offer in Compromise(OIC). We will fight for your rights and coach you through the process.

The Offer is a complex process that takes 6 to 12 months and sometimes even longer to work through, its time consuming and very detailed to produce. If you are a candidate it can be a great way to reduce your IRS debt.  
We will fight for you and direct you in every area of the process from beginning to end! We will put our 20+ years of expertise to work for you and solve your tax problems for good.

Not everyone is a candidate for an Offer in Compromise so contact Professional Tax to have your case evaluated to see if you qualify. It is a long and complicated process to submit and work an Offer in Compromise, they can average 6 to 18 months to get a final decision which is why it needs to be done correctly on the front end so it doesn't have to be resubmitted again and again. 
As with any major decision you should seek the help of a tax professional before submitting one to the IRS to get the best results.