New Mexico || October 2018

We hadn't filed our taxes for several years, we owed the IRS and they were coming after us with threatening letters.  I was referred to Professional Tax Services by a friend. Pro Tax treated us well, their goal for my wife and I was to have an understanding and that's exactly what we had after talking with them.  Pro Tax helped us alot.  They got us to where we needed to be.  The only thing they didn't do is pay our taxes for us! They got the amount we owed down to a reasonable amount that we could actually pay off.  We owed $53,000 and we were able to settle for $2,700. We are so happy with the results and are sleeping better at night thanks to Pro Tax! Need help with your taxes, call Professional Tax like we did!

New Mexico || September 2016

I hadn't filed my tax returns in 10 years, I owed the IRS $120,000 and State $110,000. My bank account had been emptied at least 3 times with levies from the IRS. I found Pro Tax online and discussed my case with them and felt like they were the right one for the job. I was treated with respect from my first conversation with the company. My sitatuation was researched and then explained to me very clearly. They found a solution to my problems; they worked with me to gather the information needed to file my past returns.  I received a $15k+ refund from the IRS and I owe the state nothing. I'm so relieved to have this behind me and not looking over my shoulder to see if there's another IRS bank levy. I would recommend Pro Tax to anyone with a tax problem. 

Indiana || October 2019

We owed back taxes and had unfiled tax returns. We are self employed and were getting letters and feeling the threats and harassment from the IRS.  Professional Tax Services helped us to get compliant with our taxes and stay compliant with our estimated tax payments. Professional Tax Services got us a settlement for way less than what the IRS said we owed. We owed $102,000 and settled for $3,000.  Needless to say we are so thankful for Pro Tax and their experienced team of professionals. We are 100% relieved and feel like we have a 102,000 pounds lifted off our shoulders. I would recommend Pro Tax to anyone needing help with their tax problems!

Texas || September 2019

When I heard an advertiesment for tax help I called the number.  From the first time I spoke with Pro Tax I felt relieved knowing that help was available. I had not filed tax returns for several years and didn't know what to do. Pro Tax got them all done for me and now I'm current with my tax returns. They also set up a payment plan that would work with my budget. I would recommend Pro Tax to anyone with tax problems.